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What does it mean to be a Business Advisor

As a franchisee of Exit Factor, you will play a vital role in the entrepreneurial community. As a business advisor, you will offer valuable guidance, solutions, and expertise to clients seeking to improve their business for a future exit. Recognizing that such exits can be life-changing, our business consulting franchise holds significant importance in facilitating these processes. Exit Factor clients have achieved impressive results:

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Why Exit Factor Is the Right Business Opportunity for You

Exit Factor’s business consulting franchise opportunity is your complete business coaching system to help businesses of all sizes. Our turnkey investment allows you to help business leaders reach their biggest goals by coaching companies on how to build a valuable and sellable business. As an Exit Factor franchise owner, you have the potential to make a huge impact on your clients and your own life.

Here’s why we’re the right fit for you:

  • You’ll have extensive training – no experience necessary
  • You’ll gain access to a profitable, proven business model
  • You’ll get started quickly and on the right track with our start-up support
  • You’ll have innovative technology to stay ahead of the competition
  • You’ll break into a growing, niche industry with an experienced franchisor
  • You’ll have our ongoing support every step of the way

What the Investment Looks Like – By the Numbers






Unlock Your Freedom and Financial Potential

When you join Exit Factor as a consulting franchise owner, you’ll embark on a transformative journey to help businesses enhance profits, streamline operations, and elevate their overall worth. Our opportunity offers more than just a business; it’s an investment in your future.

Thriving companies worldwide trust Exit Factor’s business consulting services to gain a fresh perspective on their businesses. Our business experts specialize in helping entrepreneurs maximize the return on the business they worked so hard to grow. With our turnkey business consulting franchise opportunity, we’ll teach you how to do the same for your clients.

Your journey to success starts here.

What You’ll Do – Our Business Coaching Services

Our business advisor franchise opportunity provides you with our expertise and experience through a proven business model so you can give your clients insider access to the market’s demands and what buyers are willing to pay for their business.

As a business consulting franchise owner, you’ll help your clients increase the value of their businesses and get them ready for sale or exit. You’ll also provide your clients with expert advice on how to boost their profits and free up their time today.

With our business model, you’ll prioritize three areas for clients:



Give clients the freedom to do what they love in their business. We’ll show you how to help your clients reclaim their time to focus on more flexible and enriching endeavors. On average, our clients double their free time with our services.



You’ll help clients unlock the potential to enhance the profitability of their businesses and pave a favorable path for the future business owner. Our clients experience an average 25% increase in profit with our proven strategies.



You’ll supercharge the companies of your clients’ potential with a higher valuation. We’ll teach you how you can help your clients unlock countless possibilities and secure a brighter future. Our clients have experienced an average value increase of 56.7%.

Available Markets

Exit Factor has target markets available nationwide.

Hot Markets
Target Markets
Our Unique Place in the Small Business Consulting Industry

Our Unique Place in the Small Business Consulting Industry

While other companies can show clients how to start or grow a business, Exit Factor franchisees show them how to exit! We fill a valuable niche in the business consulting industry. Owning a consulting business is about helping our clients get the increased profit, efficiency, and exit value their businesses deserve.

Exit Factor franchisees are in demand:

Your Investment Includes . . .

Investing in our low-cost business consulting franchise opportunity helps cut the cost, time, effort, and financial risk that comes with establishing a new business and grants you the following:

1. Multiple Recurring Revenue Stream

Thanks to our proven business model, you’ll have multiple revenue streams and recurring revenue to generate unlimited earning potential and growth. You get a business coaching firm with multiple service offerings and predictable income. You’ll save time building your business and brand from the ground up to focus on coaching your clients.

2. Flexible Lifestyle

Franchisees create their own work schedules and can work from any location they desire. Our business is mainly run using online communication tools and a telephone, so you’ll have the flexibility to decide where, when, and how you’ll work. This allows you to put family first and fulfill obligations easily while effectively running your Exit Factor franchise.

3. Strong Supportive Franchisor

Exit Factor is owned by United Franchise Group. UFG started nearly 40 years ago with the opening of our first brand, Signarama. Today, UFG is The Global Leader for Entrepreneurs, with 1,600+ locations in 60+ countries across 13 unique brands. We utilize our four decades in the franchise industry to set our franchisees up for success.

4. Training and Support

Thinking about becoming an Exit Factor consulting franchisee? Business coaching or ownership experience is not required. You can rest assured that as one of our business advisors you’ll receive all the training and support you need along the way. You’ll come to our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, for initial training, and with nearly 40 years of franchising experience, the team at United Franchise Group will have your back from start to finish – and beyond. 

Once you’ve completed your business consulting franchise training, you will have acquired everything you need to know about Exit Factor, owning a business, and working as a business coach and business consultant. Our comprehensive business services training sets you up to open, own, and operate your business with confidence.

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What Makes a Successful Franchisee?

At our core, we are entrepreneurs, and our mission is to serve fellow entrepreneurs by helping them get the maximum value out of their businesses. To accomplish our mission, we partner with the best of the best in the business services industry.

What are some ideal business advisor franchise candidate traits?

You’re a motivated, self-starter

You’re a motivated, self-starter

You’re willing to learn

You’re willing to learn

You’re professional and ethical

You’re professional and ethical

You have leadership skills

You have leadership skills

You have a desire to help people

You have a desire to help people

You’re a team player

You’re a team player

Our Opportunity Is Backed
by Experience

Business Exit Experts and Business Advocates

Founded by Jessica Fialkovich, one of the top experts in the business consulting industry, Exit Factor knows that our business is only as strong as our business consulting team. We combine our decades of experience in the business consulting world with United Franchise Group’s nearly 40 years of franchise expertise to provide our franchise owners with extensive knowledge of the industry. With our business consulting franchise opportunity, you’ll have the training, support, and systems you need to provide quality services and become a trusted member of your business community.

Our Opportunity Is Backed<br />
by Experience

Steps to Business Ownership

Owning a consulting business with Exit Factor is as simple as four steps:



Set up an introductory call and discovery day meeting



Submit a franchise



Attend initial training



Start coaching and enjoy ongoing support



Dive into the world of business consulting with Exit Factor! Combined with United Franchise Group‘s nearly four decades of franchise expertise, we offer you an unparalleled opportunity infused with a proven business model, support every step of the way, and industry-leading resources.

Stepping into this multi-billion-dollar industry is a no-brainer with Exit Factor, where we equip you with the training, support, and cutting-edge systems essential for delivering top-notch services as a business coach. Let’s turn your aspirations into a thriving reality!


EF Mastermind Graduate, Serial Entrepreneur

I started the Exit Factor program about two months ago and have learned several key takeaways from each of our monthly calls and the video lessons.  The team has done a great job developing the course and creating content that is specifically relevant to me as a business owner.  This is my third company and I wish I had taken this course prior to selling my first two!

EF Mastermind Graduate, Husband + Wife Team

I wanted to let you know how much we’re enjoying this program! It is really keeping us more accountable to get the tasks done that will be necessary to sell our business. Without the course, we would probably not be making any progress right now because we are so busy with the business.

EF Mastermind Participant, Serial Entrepreneur

Taking the Exit Factor Mastermind course is the best decision I’ve made in the 9-year history of my business. Here’s a quick analogy: When my son was taking Driver’s Ed, the instructors kept telling him to raise his eyes to look farther down the road. He was looking at the instrument cluster, and at the ground just a few feet in front of the car. I realized that as a business owner, I was doing the same thing! I was so fixated on the dashboard and the path immediately in front of us, that I was missing the big picture, the long view, the road signs that could guide me to success etc. The Mastermind has completely changed the way that I think about my business, making 2021 the most profitable year we’ve ever had.

Unleash Your Exit Factor with a Business Consulting Franchise

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