Our Affordable Business Consulting Franchise Opportunity

Make a valuable impact on your clients’ businesses and transform your life

A Low-Cost Pathway for New Business Owners to Reach Their Potential

Exit Factor’s business consulting franchise opportunity empowers entrepreneurs to take control of their careers while guiding clients to achieve their business goals. We’ve designed our turnkey franchise opportunity to get new business consultants started quickly and on the right track.

Exit Factor has done the research, talked to countless business owners, and assisted thousands of business owners in successful exits with an average value increase of 56%. Our low-cost pathway to success isn’t just about profits; it’s about making a valuable impact on your clients’ businesses and transforming your life.

Why Exit Factor Is the Right Business Opportunity for You

Investing in a business consulting franchise with Exit Factor provides you with a complete coaching system to advise businesses. We offer a turnkey investment with virtually everything you need to start a consulting business. You’ll help your clients increase the value of their businesses, get them ready for sale or exit, and free up their time by providing expert advice.

Here’s why we’re the right fit for you:

You’ll be set up for success with a low-cost, turnkey investment

Our low-cost business consulting investment includes everything to start and operate your business. There’s no physical inventory or equipment to purchase and maintain and no expensive lease. You can run the business by yourself if you desire, eliminating costs associated with staffing and payroll.

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You’ll get started quickly and on the right track with our start-up support

We’ll set you up with a local Exit Factor representative who serves as a mentor for the start-up process. They’ll assist you with answers to your questions and offer valuable support in the initial stages, like finding clients, delivering consulting, and building your team. With their guidance, you’ll get hands-on experience in the role of working with clients to feel more comfortable and confident.

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You’ll gain access to a profitable, proven business model

The earnings from your business coaching firm are limitless with our proven, unique business model and multiple revenue streams. The high-profit potential of our business model helps you build a thriving business with predictable revenue while providing a stable income into the future. We’ve designed our model to help you save time as you operate your business so you can focus on coaching your clients.

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You’ll have extensive training – 
no experience necessary

You don’t have to worry about having business coaching or ownership experience. Our extensive franchise training program will teach you all about Exit Factor business services, owning a business, and working as a business coach and consultant. You’ll have a comprehensive path to open, own, and operate your business with confidence.

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You’ll enjoy a flexible lifestyle

Quality of life is an important factor when considering any career choice. With our franchise opportunity, you create your own work schedule and can work from any location. Your business will run simply using online communication tools and a phone, giving you the flexibility to work where, when, and how you want. You’ll be able to put family first and fulfill obligations while effectively running your business.

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You’ll have innovative technology to stay ahead of the competition

Our proprietary tools and resources are simple to master, make for efficient operations, and provide updates on the industry. You’ll have access to everything you need to advise clients and help them unleash more free time, unlock greater profit potential, and secure a higher valuation all in one place.

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You’ll break into a growing, niche industry with an experienced franchisor

With a strong demand for business advisors, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in this growing business consulting industry. Exit Factor is owned by industry giant United Franchise Group. Working with a strong and supportive franchisor allows new business owners to leverage decades of industry experience to start strong and stay running at full speed.

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You’ll have our ongoing support every step of the way

As an Exit Factor franchisee, you’ll receive continuous training, support, and industry updates. With our franchise support, you can count on our assistance through every step of your journey to business ownership. You’ll have a vast number of industry experts available to provide assistance and support any time you need it, including:

  • A support staff
  • A highly effective mentor program
  • Technical assistance
  • Discounts through preferred vendors
  • Regional meetings and training sessions
  • Franchise owner conventions
  • A toll-free 800 number and online support

Our results-driven marketing program supports your business’ success through ongoing national marketing campaigns and a cache of ready-made marketing materials. We’ll guide you through choosing the most effective advertising channels to attract more potential clients in your area.

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Our Unique Place in the Small Business Consulting Industry

Our Unique Place in the Business Consulting Industry

While other companies can show clients how to start or a business, Exit Factor franchisees show them how to exit! We fill a valuable niche in the business consulting industry. Owning a consulting business is about helping our clients get the increased profit, efficiency, and exit value their businesses deserve.

Exit Factor franchisees are in demand:

Unleash Your Exit Factor with a Business Consulting Franchise

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